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Planning Your Wedding During the COVID-19 OUTBREAK

Planning You Wedding During the Covid-19 Outbreak
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YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Never did we think we would be in this situation, but here we are. We need to stay calm as a whole and not make any rash decisions. Now is the time to be proactive and open minded.  The pandemic is out of everybody’s hands, and we want to do whatever is necessary to educate and assist all of our clients, as well as other brides in the industry. The vendors in our industry are doing their best to ensure your wedding will still be beautiful, meaningful, and memorable, no matter what!

Weddings now through May

For all of our brides in the midst of having their weddings from now until May, please stay informed with the ever changing information on state & national regulations regarding Covid-19 (coronavirus). For more information please visit the CDC, WHO, and your local news. Brides, contact your wedding planner before contacting your vendors and guests. Allowing your planner to contact your vendors will prevent additional confusion, misunderstanding, stress, and can make well informed decisions with you. Now is the time to rely on your planner to help navigate you through this evolving situation. Try to stay calm! Mentally prepare for the possibility of a rescheduled event, be flexible, and keep in mind that you will not be the only one rescheduling your events.

June to December Weddings

Stay still and don’t react; hold off on any major decisions as it is a day by day process. We would highly recommend that you resist from contacting your vendors. There's an overload of communication happening as we speak for the time sensitive events that are taking place within the next month. Consider wedding and liability insurance due to the many uncertainties. Prepare yourself by reviewing vendor contracts and cancellation policies. Staying informed is the best way to prepare for any future decision making.  As we all know more through the months to come, we can make the best decisions possible surrounding your dates!

2021 Weddings

There will no doubt be a ripple effect by all of this; do not panic. To stay ahead of the game, consider booking vendors much earlier than anticipated. With that being said, reaching out now isn't advised. Give it at least few weeks in order for everyone to catch up. Their availability will be impacted due to the influx of affected couples.

Items to Consider for Future Events

- Liability Insurance

- Cancellation Insurance

- Review all vendor contracts

- Discuss policies with all vendors in regard to unforeseen circumstances

- Travel Insurance

- Hotel Cancellations & Reimbursements

To All Brides and Grooms To Be:  We know that this is a difficult situation. Extra patience and kindness will go a long way. STAY OPEN MINDED. Trust that your planner and vendors will do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. We all need a little gratitude wrapped in grace during a time like this.

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