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  • Jana Ingraham

How to Make an Ordinary Marriage Extraordinary!

Today I'm here to talk about building and keeping a strong bond in your marriage. I'll be the first to say that marriage isn't always a cake walk, especially in the type of world we live in today, but it can truly be an amazing lifelong and extraordinary experience with the one you love if you know how to love the right way!

I want to provide you with tips on how to take an ordinary marriage to the next level. I am so blessed to have the relationship that I do with my husband. He is my best friend, he is my soulmate, and my biggest supporter... as I am his as well. We have a relationship that I believe is hard to come by. With that said, I will say that our first year of marriage was the hardest year for us. Nobody tells you about all the "other stuff" that you have to battle through as a newly married couple, including just bumps in the road with life in general. That year though, made us stronger than ever and gave us more of a bond that I didn't even know could exist. I'm not saying we don't still have a hiccup every once in a while, but that's a part of any relationship. No marriage is perfect, just like no one person is perfect. What I will say is that there are ways to keep the love strong in a marriage. There are ways to rekindle what once was there, or to make sure you don't get to that point.

Here are some tips that we do for each other to make an ordinary marriage EXTRAORDINARY!

1. Write small notes to each other & hide them for the other to find later in the day 2. By flowers or a special card for each other for absolutely no apparent reason 3. Make sure to have regular date nights with just the two of you... weekly or monthly, just do it 4. Do fun little scavenger hunts around the house for cute little presents 5. Write out homemade coupons for them to use at a later time!! 6. Have conversations about things other than work or finances... And even children if you have any 7. Make your bedroom sexy, comfortable, and all about you two (Keep pictures of family and friends for other parts of the house) 8. Text each other sweet messages from across the room 9. Let the small things go (Pick your battles) 10. Be honest with each other (Once the trust is broken it's hard to gain it back, but it is possible) 11. Choose to look good for your spouse 12. Workout together, cook together, clean together!!! 13. Have cooking dates at the house (If you're a meal prepper, prep together) 14. Do an unexpected chore for the other 15. Compliment the other person just because 16. Talk positive about your spouse to others 17. Know when to talk and when to listen, it's not a competition 18. Dance together in the middle of the kitchen or living room (One of my favs) 19. Reminisce on the dating years of your relationship 20. Most importantly... Fight for your marriage!!!!!

Looking at this list, you may actually do many of these already, but maybe your spouse doesn't. Well here is a tip if that's the case. Keep doing what you're doing. What happens when we give and give to the ones we love who truly love us back? It comes back around! Make them feel important, make them feel special, and give them the love and respect that they desire. I promise you, they will come around. They will start to listen, and they will begin to give the same way you give. They will treat you the same way they are treated. Remember that relationships are about give and take, they're about sacrifice, and they're about loving one another. The love you give will be the love you receive. Stay true to your marriage, keep it strong, and believe it's worth everything it takes to keep it alive!

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