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How to Make Your Own Flower Crow

(Photo Credit: Eco Chich Blossoms)

Who doesn't love flower crowns, am I right?!?! They have become so popular lately, and I've been dying to learn how to make them. Just to my luck, we had a local florist Eco Chic Blossoms and a yoga/pottery studio Pineapple Studios team up together to bring Wilmington a flower crown workshop this month! First and foremost, I met a bunch a amazing ladies, and secondly... what a blast!

So let's dive right in. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to make different types of flower crowns, but the way I'm going to teach you was the way I was taught, and it was pretty easy to say the least. Ok, here we go!

How to make your own Flower Crown

First you want to pick the types of flowers you're going to use. With this workshop we used smaller hearty flowers that could take a little bit of a beating. (I would recommend doing the same for your first go round, unless you have gentle hands. Haha!) Here are the rest of the items you will need:

- Choice of flowers (we used small roses,

baby's breath, and two different dandelions)

- Floral wire

- Floral tape

- Scissors

First you'll want to cut the stems off all of your flowers. Leave about an inch or two per flower and per bundle of baby's breath. Then take your two pieces of wire and twist them competely together. Start with wrapping your floral tape around the wire. (Keep a small gap between at the ends of your wire and the starting point/ending point of your flowers. I'll explain why as we get further.) Next, you're going to start taking your flowers and attaching them to the wire with your floral tape. I started with the baby's breath to give it a fluffy effect.

Begin adding on the flowers by wrapping the floral tape around the stems and the wire. You want to try to keep all your flowers on one side of the wire so that one side is fluffy and the other side is flat, which is where it will lay on the crown of your head. This is the fun part, because you can get creative with how you want to use your flowers on your crown. (I will say, it's a little harder than it looks and maybe even sounds, but once you start wrapping and making your way down the wire it gets easier.) Just remember to keep wrapping your floral tape down the wire as you're trying to add more flowers to the crown!

One item I did forget to add into the picture is your twine. Remember when I said to leave gaps at each end of the wire? You'll want to loop those ends so that you can tie on your twine. Take two pieces about a foot long and add them to each end. This is how you will finish your crown in order for it to fit exactly where you want it when placing it on your head. Once you placed it in your desired position, tie the twine in a knot or bow. (I tied it in a knot and cut the excess string off).

Voila! You have yourself a flower crown! The bigger your flowers are, the harder it is, but they're so much fun. What a great time with a ton of awesome women! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, and if you choose to make your own, I'd love to hear all about it! Can't wait for the next workshop!

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