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How to WOW Your Wedding Guests

Featured Photo: Jen Huang Photography

A wedding is an act of love that joins two people together in marriage. Better yet, a wedding is a large celebration. With a celebration comes planning, designing, and of course pressure. I mean, who doesn't want to throw the best party of the year?

Many bridal couples are in search of ways to make sure their wedding is a day to remember. They want their guests to walk away saying, "Wow, now that was fun!" So what are some ways to make sure your big day is a celebration worth remembering? Here are 5 tips to help inspire any bride and groom.

Customized Welcome Bags

You don't have to spend a lot of money to leave an imprint with your guests. One of the best ways to stand out from every other event is to personalize it to who you are as a couple, and stick with a customized theme from the time your guests check into their hotel to the day they check out. As guests arrive into town, or step foot onto the venue of your wedding day, surprise them with welcome bags. These could include a map of your town, mini bottles of your favorite drink of choice, local gifts from your favorite store, a personalized note, or mini snacks.

Featured Photo: Tie That Binds Weddings

Make Your Guests Feel Pampered

Yes, your wedding day is about you, but you're also throwing a party for a large amount of family and friends so they are able to enjoy your special day with you. Why not make small gestures to show your guests just how much you were thinking of them in the process. Provide small umbrellas for shade or bad weather. Incorporate escorts to walk your guests into the reception. Provide a mini cocktail, bottled water or specialty drink for your guests to enjoy during the ceremony. Are you having a beach wedding? Provide sandals for your guests to wear while walking in the sand. Small gestures can go a long way!

Featured Photo: Wedding Chicks

Make Action Stations

Incorporate a drink station where your guests can personalize their own drink. For example, a Bloody Mary or bubbly bar with different items to incorporate in their cocktails. You could even incorporate a craft beer tasting, and set up the station with a beer expert to talk about the different samples you've provided.

Featured Photo: Katie Kime, Bright Living

Let Your Guests Make Decisions

Now we know you can't please everyone, and the thought of giving 100 plus individuals the power to make decisions on your big day can seem a little overwhelming. We are suggesting light and fun decision making ideas. Place a customized song request card at each table setting and let your guests request a couple songs for the night. Better yet, include a "vote" in the invitation for your guests to help you decide on your specialty cocktail, or midnight snack option.

Featured Photo: My Wedding

Provide a Midnight Snack

Speaking of a midnight snack... This is always a hit near the end of the party! There's about an hour remaining, your guests have had time to dance off dinner, and the cocktails have been flowing. Suddenly a new array of snacks arrive, and everyone goes crazy! What are some options? I've seen everything from tiers of donuts, s'mores + coffee bar, to wings and mini burgers! The options are endless. I do suggest you choose a popular option that will guarantee most of the guests will love!

Featured Photo: Dainty Doughnuts

Do you have a favorite on what it takes to wow your wedding guests? Feel free to leave below in the comments!

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