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The Beauty in Beau's Coffee Shop

On April 25th, Beau's Coffee shop here in Wilmington, NC posted a video on their Facebook page. It was of Lillie, the owner's daughter, asking Trevor, a Beau's Coffee employee, to prom in a very cute and personalized way! Trevor and Lillie have been friends for the past 5 years, and Lillie just knew she would have a great time if she took Trevor as her date. After all, his favorite thing to do is dance! The video has gained lots of interest and happened to go viral. There's over 1 million views and more than 13 thousand shares to date. I don't think anyone at the time had any idea their video would gain so much interest.

The same night the video was posted, Joanne from Camille's of Wilmington, had mentioned donating a tux for Trevor to wear to prom. Something inside me sparked, and I couldn't help but get involved. Immediately I thought, why not make this day even bigger and give them a prom worth remembering for a lifetime? I reached out to the Amy, the owner of Beau's Coffee, and told her my vision. Before I knew it, every vendor I had reached out to was involved in less than 12 hours. We put together a day of adventures and documented the whole thing so that they may have the ability to look back on this day for years to come. Check out our fun filled day with Trevor and Lillie!

Our excursion started at 1:00 pm Saturday afternoon as we all met up at Beau's Coffee. We pilled into British's Taxi's beautiful stretch taxi and headed on our way!

Our first stop was to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. We had to make sure everyone was fueled for the big day! Hats off to Buffalo Wild Wings for taking care of Trevor & Lillie's entourage consisting of 10 people on Saturday. They not only took care of the entire bill, but they also surprised Trevor and Lillie with customized Buffalo Wild Wings gift baskets!

Next stop, Tame the Mane barbershop! Trevor received a slick trim and style from Nathan. Tame the Mane is such a cool and eclectic boy's and men's barbershop with a very relaxing vibe. I highly recommend all the men out there to definitely go and check them out! You'll feel at home!

Did I mention we were chauffeured around town in the largest stretch British taxi in North America? Talk about pulling out all the stops!

After Trevor's pampering session, we arrived to Camille's of Wilmington who donated a fitted tux just for Trevor. Lillie was also gifted beautiful accessories to go with her dress. As we walked in they had Trevor's favorite song playing, "Baby" by Justin Bieber. He immediately broke out the moves! :)

Our last stop was to Airlie Gardens where the amazing Ida Lou Weddings mobile suite was set up completely customized to Trevor and Lillie's big day! They were showered with refreshments as we arrived. This is by far the coolest and cutest idea that is bound to take over with event industry!

Last, but not least, the amazing Beautiful Flowers by June provided Trevor and Lillie with their matching corsage and boutonniere! We think the touch of white and lavender suited their attire perfectly! Thank you June or your lovely donation!

Before sending them off to prom in their very own vintage British taxi, Marcus Anthony Photography captured some beautiful photos of the two of them all dressed up and ready to go. Thank you Marcus for capturing the entire day for Trevor & Lillie! These will last a lifetime for the two of them!

We then said our goodbye's to Trevor and Lillie as they arrived to prom, but not before we saw him break out some of his best moves on the dance floor!

Want to know the best part of all, we were able to document the entire journey on video thanks to Porch Swing Films who put together an awesome clip of our adventurous day! Check it out below!

What makes this "promposal" so special you ask? It's the back story that not many people may know about. It's the beauty in Beau's Coffee shop, from the owners to their employees. Beau's Coffee is employed by individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). They are given the opportunity to work, have a sense of importance and involvement, as well as responsibility. Most of all, they spread an abundance amount of love and awareness to our community. You can't walk into Beau's Coffee and have a bad experience or leave in a bad mood. It's truly impossible. Beau's Coffee is a very special place, and it's all due to their employees who fill the shop everyday! I am honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to meet so many of them, and feel like a part of their family now. It will surely be a place I visit frequently, because now I can't imagine not seeing them on a regular basis.

I want to give a special thank you to each vendor and location who gladly donated their time and services to Trevor and Lillie to make their prom day so memorable! I couldn't have put this day together without each of you! The world seems to find a way to remind us of all the negative elements on a day to day basis. This just goes to show there's good all around us, you just have to choose to look for it!

With Love,

To see all the photos from Trevor & Lillie's prom day, check out our Facebook page!

Don't forget to find us on Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest as well!

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